Corn Palace


Corn Palace is a building, structured like a castle. Every year since 1892, the people of Mitchell staple different colors of corn cobs onto the building, creating pictures like indians around a fire, or a horse and carriage. They change the pictures around the exterior of the building each year at the corn's harvest. They boast they are the only one in the world, and I believe them.
Submitted by Ted Carp

Dick's Toe Service

Dick has a twenty-four hour toe service. Toe, T-O-E. If your car breaks down, he rushes to you to give you a pedicure in the middle of this barren highway.
Submitted by Rich Morello


(near Keystone)
Cosmos is a place where you pay money to see the mysterious wonders of that special spot of the world. The guide brings the group to two rocks that come out of the ground. He/she places a level between the rocks to show that they are level. A person stands on one as someone else from the group gets on the other. They switch and the height difference is obvious. The guide explains this as being a mystery, instead of the workings of gravity on the side of a steep mountain. The group is then directed through a crooked shack built on the side of a hill. My friend posed in front of the "Cosmos" sign in the perfect "Cosmos" pose.

Submitted by Ted Carp

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