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Social Facts
of the us population has at least one social account

Social media factors directly correlate to SEO success

of companies ignore Facebook questions which translates into a bad response rating

Almost 60% of marketers see much improved SEO results with active, correctly used social networks for a year or more.

Social customer service increases sales 20% to 40%
If your social media is only advertising and not supplementing your SEO, you are doing it wrong.

Our social media experts can manage your social accounts solely or share custody with you for you to also put up your own content. The advantage of us creating and managing your social content is we can tag, deep link and match all of the SEO efforts with every post to harness what the search engines are looking for. Much of the way algorithms work is matching content. As an example, Google maps has a specific address for you. The most effective way to be listed higher on the map results is having your social media accounts and website (front facing site and structured data) match that street address exactly. It could be as simple as the word "suite" written out being different than the abbreviated "ste". This is also true with algorithm changes and seo implementations across your site. We communicate the changes we need to make, and our social media team changes with us to exponentially affect the results of the seo with the major social networks.

Our social team will bring more followers. They will post about your products and services, as well as related posts and memes to keep people engaged. We will only post original content created for you or from your website. This means all of the content will be based on your company.

The team can also manage the "being social" part, such as interacting with visitors, gaining more visitors and answering questions. Most questions people ask are answered on the company's website. To save our clients time, those answers are located and used to answer people's questions. If the answer is not clearly on the website for us to pass along, we defer to you and send the question forward.

Some people try to invalidate the importance of being this knowledgable about the social networks, stating that it is just posting. Maybe for many hobbyists or less experienced people it is just posting, but we offer a true service of freeing your time and immeasurably adding to the SEO campaign to get your site in the natural results of the search engines.

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