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If your current site isn't mobile friendly, you are losing out on 62% more sales

If your current site is not mobile friendly you will be omitted from certain search results for sites that are with Siloam content or business
Every site we build is created with handwritten code that is optimized for the search engines and geared for your market. If it is a stand alone site or integrated as a custom theme into a content management system such as wordpress, your site will communicate to the search engines clearly what the content is. In other words, your site will validate. There are rules to coding that many people and programs break to accomplish a site. Some is out of ignorance and many programs is out of allowing laymen to attempt to call themselves a designer or programmer. Less than 1% of sites are completely validated.

The rules serve a purpose. For example, search engines program their software to spider sites and they expect certain rules to be followed to find the content within those parameters. When those rules are broken, the search engines see less or sometimes nothing of what you do. Many of the self web builders have such unvalidated code, you cannot even find the name of the site when searching in a search engine. There is the convenience of being able to build your own site, but at the cost of not being found. What other industries or professions would you feel comfortable with doing yourself? Many people claim they are programmers and web designers, but we have dedicated over 20 years to perfecting what we do. We do it for the success of the site so it can be immersive, functional, aesthetically inviting, and most importantly be found.

All of our sites will be responsive (mobile friendly) for any visitor to see what you do, but more importantly to be included into any search engine mobile result.

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